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Minion Rush for PC

Have you ever thought of playing Despicable Me Minion Rush on your PC? Minion Rush for PC is one of the programs you need to download and install to your PC in order to be able to play this super popular game. The babble-speaking yellow Minion can be seen everywhere from shopping mall to night market. They are very cute and have been made into a popular game called Minion Rush. Ever since the game was introduced to the Apple and Android market, there are millions of downloads from iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Whatever mobile device you use to play Minion Rush, you will enjoy the despicable acts performed by all the Minions in their missions. However, if you think your mobile device screen is too small, you may follow these delicious tricks to download Mini Rush for PC and play them on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 8 with touch screen PC.

Minion Rush for PC
Despicable Me: Minion Rush for PC

How to Download Minion Rush for PC

Step 1: First of all, check whether you have Windows XP SP3 or above if you are planning to install Despicable Me Minion Rush on a PC running with Windows XP. This is because this method is not going to work on Windows XP without SP3 or earlier version. Proceed to continue the installation once you are ready.

Step 2: As there are no official PC version for Minion Rush (no .exe setup file or something similar to that) and it is not available in Windows Application Store, the tricks to play this game on a PC is to download an Android emulator and then install it to the emulator. An Android emulator works like an Android device in your PC. You can control the application by using either your mouse of keyboard. BlueStacks, IntelAppUp, Jar of Beans, and Youwave are some of the best Android emulators which work best on PC and Mac. However, BlueStacks is highly recommended because of its reliability. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times and it is counting. BlueStacks can be downloaded here. Start your download by selecting the version for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. Install BlueStacks to your PC once the download is completed.

Step 3: Download Minion Rush APK file. There are many sources where you can get the APK file for Minion Rush. You can also download Minion Rush cheat codes and secret areas. Make sure you download the latest version. Double click the .APK file and BlueStacks will install the game on your PC immediately. If the installation does not run, copy and paste Minion Rush APK file to BlueStacks Shared Folder and launch the app manually. Select Minion Rush in BlueStacks and install the game manually. It takes less than one minute for the installation. Alternatively, you can go to Google Play to install Despicable Me Minion Rush through BlueStacks.

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At the time of this writing, there are some websites offering their users to play Minion Rush online. However, these are not the original Minion Rush game. They are some modified game although you still see some hilarious Minion in the game. In a nutshell, the best way to play Minion Rush on PC is go through an Android emulator. Happy with Minion Rush on your PC? It will be cool to play Subway Surfers for PC too!

Minion Rush for PC is not working for you? Why not use the comment box below to leave a comment or share your experience to play this game on PC?

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How to Install Cracked Apps with Approb

Want to know how to install cracked apps to an Android phone? There is a list of ways to download cracked apps but Approb is what we are going to look into it today. Approb, App rob, rob an app, does it sounds very melancholy? With Approb, you are allowed to download any paid app from Android App Store for free and install it to any Android device. In other words, Approb for Androids is like Installous or Appcake for iOS device which gives you the ability to install cracked apps and games. According to app developers, the whole idea of having cracked apps is to give a prospective buyer a chance to test an app or a game before buying them. In return, if you feel an app is very useful or a game is very fun to play, it does not hurt you to pay a few bucks to the developer. Therefore, it is highly suggested to buy after try. Let’s follow the step-by-step guide to install cracked apps to an Android device.

Step 1: Prepare a PC (Personal Computer) and connect it to the internet. Go to (they are now moving to and you will see tons of free apps available for download. On the top bar, click on Android and you will be led to a page with thousands of free Android apps. Search for the app you want by using the search bar on top or select it according to the category. Brain & Puzzle games, racing games, shopping apps, or entertainment apps are all packed in Approb. Select the app you want and download it from any source you prefer. Note: You are downloading an app in .APK file format.

Approb Screenshot

Step 2: Connect your phone to the internet and access to Android Market. Download ES File Explorer. This is a free app and it helps you to manage your file faster. Alternatively, you can use Root Explorer, PowerGrasp File Manager, Solid Explorer, File Manager by, File Manager by Rhythm Software or any File Manager app that you feel comfortable with.

ES File Explorer

Step 3: Connect your Android device and your PC together. Make your Android device as a Storage Media. Access your Android device from PC and you will see a lot of folders. Create a new folder for the app you want to install, for instance, SwiftKey Keyboard. Add the APK file you download from Approb to the folder you created. Instead, you can also add it to the Download folder if you don’t prefer too many folders.

Android apps folder

Step 4: Now you can disconnect your Android device from your PC. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources. Check on the “Allow installation of non-Market applications”.

Install cracked apps

Step 5: It is now the time for ES File Explorer to perform its task. Open the folder you created in Step 3 and tap on the APK file to install it. Your desired app will be installed in less than a minute. Bingo! That is how you can install cracked apps with Approb.

Disclaimer: Cracked apps are built mainly for testing purpose only. This tutorial is intended for Educational purpose only. It is always recommended to buy an app after the “free trial”.