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Fruit Ninja for PC (Free Download Full Version)

Yesterday, a reader of AppCakeFans sends us an email asking how to download the full version of Fruit Ninja for PC for free. Well, there is definitely a way to download it for free. Instead of telling the reader individually through email, it is better for us to share it here so that anyone who wants to play the best fruit-slicing game on this planet can learn it too.

Over the years, Fruit Ninja become a famous games and receives millions of downloads because of the awesome graphics. Besides, it gives you a great feeling with nice cutting sound when you slice the fruit. Other than that, to be honest, it is a game that is not so challenging until you reach the level that has bombs. However, playing it on a PC might be more challenging.

It is very common to see people playing Fruit Ninja on Android phones or iPhone especially on the subway or bus but it is unusual to see people play on PC. If you are like our reader who is wondering how to download Fruit Ninja for PC for free, these are a few awesome methods that work very well on the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, as well as Windows 8.

fruit ninja for pc

How to Download Fruit Ninja for PC

Please understand that this is an unofficial guide to run Fruit Ninja for PC. The developer of Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick Studios never releases any PC version but it is definitely worth trying for.

Step 1: As APK (Android Application Package) file does not run on Windows, you will first need to download an Android emulator. There are a lot of Android emulators available online. It is recommended to go for BlueStacks but the choice is in your hand. To speed up the installation process, you may click on this link to download BlueStacks installer package for Windows.

Step 2: Once the download is completed, click on the setup file and install the program. It is always Next, Next, Next, and Confirm for Windows to install a program.

Step 3: Open the program and you will see an Android emulator in your PC. Enter “Fruit Ninja” on the search bar and click on the search to download the game. It works just like how you use your Android phone to search and download a game. With this technique to download Fruit Ninja, it is guaranteed that you will get the full version.

Step 4: If Step 3 is not work for you, check your internet connection. Otherwise, you can download Fruit Ninja APK file separately from your web browser and double click to run it with BlueStacks. This technique has been tested more than a hundred times and it will work for sure.

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Is the mentioned method to download Fruit Ninja for PC work for you? Do you get the full version for free? Let us know if it is working, not working, or you have a better suggestion. Shout it out with the comment box below.

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Download Subway Surfers for PC (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10)

You are definitely standing at the right place if you are looking for a way to install Subway Surfers on PC. It is very easy to download Subway Surfers for PC and play it on any Windows computer. The subway surfers can be controlled either using a mouse or a keyboard. Subway Surfers was introduced in 2012 by Kiloo Games and it has gained a huge attention from Android users. Millions of Android users have this game installed in their mobile device. The running is infinite but many people love it. According to Guinness World Records, your score has to be over 200,000 points to get a world record for Subway Surfers. It is very challenging because most people only managed to get a few thousands points. Of course, you need to have a lot of time to achieve that. Now let’s see how can you download Subway Surfers for PC and run it on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. Follow the step by step guide and make sure every step is done correctly.

Step 1: Almost every Windows user gets used with Double click .exe file, next, next, next, confirm, finished. Therefore, shall we make the steps to install Subway Surfers for PC in the same way? First of all, go to this dropbox link to download Subway Surfers setup file (.exe). The file size is only 22.4MB so it should take only a few seconds to download depending on your internet speed. Once you have downloaded the setup file, double click on it. Choose your preferred language to start the installation.

subway surfers download

Step 2: Start clicking the first “Next” as usual.

subway surfers download

Step 3: Select a location in your PC to install Subway Surfers. The default is C:\Games\Subway Surfers. Browse other location if that is not what you prefer. Subway Surfers for PC requires at least 59.91 MB of free disk space, so make sure your hard disk is not full. Click Next to continue the installation.

subway surfers download

Step 4: Check the Do not create shortcuts checkbox if you don’t want the Subway Surfers shortcuts appear at your desktop. Click on Next to continue then Next again.

subway surfers download

Step 5: Click on the Install button and let your PC do its job. Click on the Finished button once the installation is finished. If it is not working, check your Java Run Time Environment. If you are running on Windows XP, make sure it is at least SP3 version or above.

Subway Surfers download

To play the game, you can select the screen resolution, graphics quality, and input. Just double click an entry to change your preferred input key. The default key is as below:

  • Up Arrow – Jump
  • Down Arrow – Roll
  • Left Arrow – Dodge Left
  • Right Arrow – Dodge Right
  • Space Bar – Hower Board (Double Tap in any Android device)

Besides the above method to play Subway Surfers on PC, you can also play it using an Android emulator such as Bluestacks. Now you have installed Subway Surfers for PC on your desktop or PC. Here’s a tip for Subway Surfers! Switch lanes in mid-air to dodge trains at the last minutes. Does it sound familiar? Alternatively, you can also play some other popular Android games on PC such as Temple Run for PC or Minion Rush for PC.

Subway Surfers for PC
Subway Surfers for PC