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Download AirDroid 2 APK and Use Your Android on the Web

You have to download AirDroid 2 APK if you want to use your Android on the web. AirDroid 2 is not the only app that allows you to use your Android on the web but it is definitely one of the best apps that give you the capability to use your Android over the air. If there is a need to rank top 3 Android apps of the year of 2014, AirDroid 2 should be in the list. Let’s see the top 5 reasons why an Android user should download and install AirDroid 2 to their devices.

What Exactly Does AirDroid 2 do?


With AirDroid 2 installed to your Android device, you can manage your Android device from any web browser at anytime and anywhere. No driver installation is required. AirDroid 2 is simply a web app that works on all kind of Android devices as well as Windows PC, Mac, or Linux. Besides wireless file transfer, AirDroid 2 also allows you to send SMS and receive text messages from your web browser (A good alternative is to use Weixin Web Chat). In other words, this app turns your computer into your Android phone. If there is a need, AirDroid users can also manage their files, photos, music, videos, ringtones, wallpapers, contacts, or images between their computer and Android devices. Any file can be transferred from your Android device to the computer with no USB cable. One big advantage of using AirDroid is that you can print anything from your Android once it is connected to your PC.

How to Use AirDroid 2

Method 1: It is very easy to run AirDroid 2. First, open a web browser from your computer and go to See the Scan QR code on the screen? Launch AirDroid 2 from your Android phone or tablet and scan it from the PC. You will be connected immediately.


Method 2: If you don’t like the easy way, you can go for another way. Laucnh AirDroid 2 from your Android device and you will see a local IP address display on the screen. It usually looks like 192.168.1.XX:XXXX. Open a web browser from your PC and put that IP into it. Tap on the Accept button on your Android device when a message is pop up. Once again, you will be connected.


Now try to do import or export any APK files from/to your Android device to/from your computer. Alternatively, you can also check the call logs, contacts, or use the camera on your Android device.

AirDroid 2 alternatives: Android Device Manager, WiFi file Transfer, Android Download Manager, and Android Airplay. They work well on all Android phones especially Samsung.

For those who have used AirDroid before, you must agree that AirDroid is one of the best apps to swap files between computer, Android phone, as well as Android tablet. Not agree? Share you thoughts with the comment function below.

AirDroid Screenshot

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Wandoujia Let You Download Free Android Apps

While you might not even heard of Wandoujia, this China-based Android app store is serving over 200 million Android users worldwide. Wandoujia (known as SnapPea in English version) was founded in December 2009 by an ex-employee of Google, Wang Junyu, with the vision to allow every Android user to collect everything they love into their Android phones, for instance, documents, media, files, music, apps, games, and others. The company aims to use the coolest technology to create the simplest thing that gives Android user the best value. In short, the existence of Wandoujia is to solve any problems occured in the Android market today. Within a few years, Wandoujia has become China’s most sought-after Android app store.

Wandoujia logo
Wandoujia logo

Other than providing free apps and games, this world-leading Android app store makes a smartphone work easier to serve its master. It is the only software that works together with Windows OS and allow you to manage your Android phone from a PC in an uncomplicated way. PC user can download Wandoujia to their desktop and install the program. Wandoujia PC version allowed a user to search for any Android apps he wants and download the app to the PC instantly. The app can be transfer to any Android phones or tablet with a few clicks. Isn’t it simple?

Wandoujia screenshot
Wandoujia Screenshot on Android

Of course it has other reason being the most popular Android app store in China. Two months ago, Wandoujia released its latest video search feature which is currently unbeatable. Users can search for any video, movie, or series and watch it with streaming or they have the option to download it and watch later. All the features are built-in and there is not necessary to download other video player. 99% of common videos can be founded because it combines videos from other famous video databases such as Youku, Sohu, Tudou, and others. Another 1% videos can’t be found are usually homemade videos or memes that is uploaded. Perhaps Wandoujia team is still working on this issue as the alpha version was just released. Most of the apps, games, music, and videos available in Wandoujia are free of charge. It is free to download Wandoujia PC version and the Mac sync app. Almost everything is free on it except some extraordinary app which cost from a few cents up to a few dollars.


While Wandoujia and SnapPea are serving millions of Android devices throughout the country, there is an option to download APK file from the program and install an app to iOS devices through Mac OS X. iOS users will first have to download SnapPea PC version (Wandoujia English version) here and connect both the PC and iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch) together through USB or WiFi, then you can transfer the APK file to iOS device. This process allows you to install an iPhone app manually. It may be complicated for beginners but it is worth to give a try because it you can install a lot of free apps to an iOS device.

Wandoujia and SnapPea competitor in the Android market: 360 market, AppCake, Approb, Kuaiyong, 91 hiapk, Anzhi, Xiaomi,, Gfan, Baidu Market, Tencent myapp, and AppChina.