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Android Apps Free Download Tutorial

Although there are many free Android apps and games for you to download, it is a must to follow the Android apps free download tutorial here. This is because there are still thousands of great apps and games but they are not free. Awesome games and apps often come with a price tag from $0.99 up to $19.99. Thus, if you don’t want to pay a single cent to download these superb apps from Google Play Store, you have to learn these important skills and get to know the app that let you download paid Android apps for free.

android apps free download tutorial


You may have heard about this app if you used to use some China-based Android apps. Wandoujia is very popular in China and it is currently China’s biggest Android app stores. This application has more than 300 million users. It is a source for any Android users to download paid apps for free. Well, it is also known as the best AppAddict for Android.

It’s simple and uncomplicated to use Wandoujia on a PC or Android devices. You can use it to manage your phone from the PC web browser, your photos in your browser, as well as your Android app. Wandoujia is a free app and you can download and install it from Google Play Store at this link. Moreover it’s available in English version name SnapPea. This app definitely able to turn your Windows to Android Phone. As for the desktop version, you can get it from


Blackmart or Blackmart Alpha is suitable for all gamers. Do not miss the chance to download Blackmart Alpha as it is an extraordinary app for Android users. There is a huge collection of the hottest games and apps especially those paid ones. You do not need to pay a single dollar to download any of them through Blackmart.

Just a simply way to download Blackmart Alpha you can find the game you want by searching through categories. Arcade & action, brain & puzzle, card & casino, casual, racing and more. You can install Blackmart Alpha from Google Play Store directly or use your computer to download the APK file at download link here.


Approb is the most awesome mobile application available for Android users. Making it easier than ever to have fun and download paid apps from Android App Store for free. Approb brings you a new pleasurable experience you do not want to miss. It’s not difficult to install Approp on your mobile device. Quick and easy! You also can follow the step-by-step free download tutorial here.

Download Approb


AppChina is the best Android App Store alternative but it is only available in Chinese. The developers are still working on the English version. First, you have to try AppChina if you are able to read Chinese. It lets you feel “simplicity” and enjoy unlimited fun with more than thousands of Android apps. Make your mobile experience more efficiently! We highly recommend to you.

Download AppChina


Appdroid includes all the apps you need on your Android device in a single environment. There are additional features that you can download unlimited paid apps, trendy games and Android themes for free.

Please check your mobile version before starting the download. Appdroid supports only Android 4.x and above. Do not hesitate to download and install Appdroid on your mobile for free. Get pleasure and enjoy downloading Android apps that you should not ignore it.

Download Appdroid APK


Gfan is an alternative way to get free Android apps and games on mobile. Gfan is the first and leading domestic Android application store in China. There are more than 400,000 apps, games and e-books are free to download as well.

Gfan is easy to manage and update while unique communities of people make you find exciting. Gfan supports only Android 2.3 and above. It is fast and convenient!

Download Gfan APK

We do not support piracy. It is important to know that the purpose of having cracked apps and cracked games is to allow an Android user to try the app or game before buying it. It is strongly recommended to buy the app or game from Play Store if you find it useful or functional. In this way you won’t be misuse the Android apps free download tutorial shared here. Lastly, please do not hesitate to share this article to your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or any social networking site if you find this article helpful.

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AppAddict for Android

Just switched from iOS to Android? Try these AppAddict for Android to get thousands of cracked Android apps. People who use iPhone must be familiar with AppAddict because it allows iOS users to download cracked iOS and Mac apps as well as free books. AppAddict update its server almost everyday so there are tons of cracked apps available including new apps. You are definitely reading the right page if you are using an Android phones or tablets and wonder if there is something like AppAddict for Android or Installous for Android. Here is your mouth-watering a-list of apps that provide free Android apps. Without further adieu, get ready of your Android device and pick one of these to enjoy cracked apps.

Appaddict for Android


Approb is very popular portal that supplies free apps and games for Android devices as well as iPhone. It has been in the market for a certain period of time and it is definitely worth trying if you are pursuing some great apps that tagged with high price in Play Store.


Without the need to explain, you must have heard of AppCake before. AppCake provides a lot of cracked iOS apps and Mac apps to iOS users. So far, it is the largest jailbreak community and it hosts a lot of apps for Android devices too.


Aptoide is not very long in the market but it is one great alternative to download cracked Android apps. Aptoide is one of the largest independent Android App Store in the market today.


Blackmart or Blackmart Alpha is a well-known app that hosts thousands of free apps, themes, wallpapers, ringtone, books, and games for Android users. Most of the paid apps that you want in the Play Store are available in Blackmart Alpha for free.


Wandoujia or SnapPea is yet another alternative to the Play Store. An android user can use Wandoujia to download free apps to their device directly. Alternatively, they can download it from Wandoujia website and then have it transferred to their Android device through USB cable.


Try AppChina if you are looking for the best Android App Store alternative. So far, the number of apps and games available in AppChina has reached 50,000. Just like Wandoujia, AppChina is made available in mobile version and PC version.


Not many people know about GFan but you have to know about it if you want to download paid apps for free. Just like other Play Store alternatives, you have many option to download an app from GFan.


AppBrain is a little bit different from the Play Store. You can access Appbrain website and use it to search for an app you want. You can then download it to your PC and transfer it to your smart phone.


Appdroid is another great choice to install cracked android apps. Appdroid itself does not host many apps but it will search for a free source or repo and then redirect you to the location to download the APK of your desired app.

Last but not least, Appcakefans does not support pirated apps. The content of this page, AppAddict for Android, is solely for information purpose. It is recommended to buy an app if it is useful for you after trying.