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HiMarket APK Download to Install Free Android Apps

You should download HiMarket APK and install HiMarket app on your Android devices if you are a cracked apps lover. With HiMarket app installed, you can access to HiMarket App Store and enjoy downloading all kinds of free Android apps APK. In addition to free apps, you can also download paid apps for free from HiMarket App Store if the app APK is available in the database. In other words, you can download cracked apps with this HiMarket app.

HiMarket and 91 hiapk are referring to the same thing. Both of them are founded by Baidu in China. Therefore, HiMarket is currently only available in Chinese version. The developers are working on HiMarket English version but the release date is remain unknown. There is no point to wait for something we don’t know. Why not forget about the English version and follow the translation we have here to try out this top 10 best China Android App Store app?

How to Use HiMarket

For those who have been to China, you may notice that HiMarket is often a pre-installed app in most of the unpopular Android phones and tablets. Often, HiMarket cannot be uninstalled from the Android devices. This only happens in China but for those who are outside of China, you will still need to download HiMarket APK in order to install HiMarket to your Android.

Download HiMarket APK

Currently, the latest HiMarket is compatible with Android 2.2 or any newer Android version. The newest HiMarket APK is updated on December 31st, 2014. File size is 6.17MB. To download it, click on the link here and you will get it in less than 5 seconds depends on your internet connection.

If the above link is not working for you, you may scan this QR code to download HiMarket 4.5.1 which is the latest version.
HiMarket APK Download QR Code

Now you should have HiMarket running on your Android. It is vital to understand that HiMarket is available as a mobile app, which you have just installed it. On the other hand, HiMarket is also available as a web app. It is not necessary to install the app to your Android if you prefer to use web app. Both the mobile app and web app are safe to be used as we have tested on most of the popular Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, and LG Electronics G2.

HiMarket App
HiMarket App English Version

HiMarket App Alternatives

For some reasons if you don’t like HiMarket, there are a lot of alternatives you can try. These alternatives are as good as HiMarket and they provide you unlimited Android apps and games for free. They are Blackmart, Approb, AppChina, Appdroid, Wandoujia (The English version of Wandoujia known as SnapPea), Gfan, Baidu App Store, HiAppHere, Tencent App Gem, Qihoo 360 Mobile Assistant, 91 Mobile Assistant, Taobao Mobile Assistant, Xiaomi App Store, Anzhi, and Games Center.

Up till today, HiMarket recently announced that they have 100 million users. It is impossible to have this amount of users if it is not a good app. Last but not least, you may use the comment features here to share any Android App Store you think is worth to be mentioned like HiMarket App Store.

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Hiapphere Market Provides Cracked Apps for Android

Hiapphere market is yet another new heaven for Android users because it provides cracked apps, games, and free wallpapers. Android users are able to install paid applications or paid games for free on their Android phones or tablets with a few simple steps using Hiapphere. Minecraft Pocket Edition or DraStic Nintendo DS emulator for Android are two very popular game related apps that people often download using Hiapphere. Of course, there are more apps and games waiting to be downloaded by Android users who are hunting free apps and free games especially those high quality ones. So, if you are curious to know how to download Hiapphere and install free apps from Hiapphere market, these are the guide to follow.

Download Free Apps from Hiapphere Market

There are many ways to download Hiapphere Market. The fastest and easiest way is to download it from the official website You can access to the website using your Android phones or tablets and install Hiapphere Market to your device directly. On the other hand, you can also access the Hiapphere website from a PC, desktop, or Mac. It requires an account before you are able to download paid Android application from Hiapphere Market. It is free to join as a member. You can do so by clicking the Join button on the top bar. For those who already have an account, you can login to your account using the Login button on top.


You will be able to download the APK file of an app or games to your PC. Use the search function located on top right to search for your desired apps or games. It will be appeared if it is available in Hiapphere Market. Simply click on the download button and you will get the APK file. Transfer this APK file to your Android device using either a USB cable or Bluetooth. This is how you can download and install a free app using Hiapphere.

HiAppHere Alternatives: AppRob, Blackmart Alpha, Aptoide, Wandoujia (SnapPea), and AppChina.

Download Cracked Apps with Hiapphere Market Mobile Version

There is an alternative way to install paid application for free if you feel it is not safe to download APK files from Hiapphere official website. You can download HiApphere Market app from Google Play store and install it to your Android device. This app has astonishing possibilities and you can leave us a comment if you are using it.

HiAppHere Market
HiAppHere Screenshot

Alternative to HiAppHere: GFan, AppBrain, as well as Appdroid.

There are really a lot of amazing apps in HiAppHere Market except those mentioned above. Widget Locker Lockscreen is one worth to be mentioned. With this app installed, you can customize your lock screen in any way you want. Besides, if you like to play games, you can also download My Boy from HiAppHere. My Boy! Is a wonderful quick emulator that allows you to play Game Boy games on any Android devices for free. Well, enough for the review of HiAppHere Market. It is time for you to voice out if you have tried HiAppHere Market on any Android devices.