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How to Block Text Messages on Android

Days ago, we received a few emails from our readers enquiring how to block text messages on Android. On Google Play Store, there are at least 10 apps you can install to block text messages and unwanted calls on Android phones. Some are free apps while some are paid apps. However, not all the apps work like what you wish. Here we have sorted the best 3 methods to block text messages and calls on Android phones.

Method 1: Using the Blacklist Feature

Blacklist is a default feature come with the stock messaging app on Android Marshmallow 6.0-6.1, Lollipop 5.0-5.1.1, KitKat 4.4-4.4.4, Jelly Bean 4.1-4.3.1 and Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0-4.0.4. It is the easiest free method to block text messages and calls from your phone book.

Step 1: Open Messaging app and tap Menu icon located at the top-right corner.

Step 2: Select “Blacklist”.

Step 3: Set “Blacklist” to On.

Step 4: You have just activated the Blacklist feature. Tap on Plus (+) button to add any phone number you wish to block.

Step 5: Enter the number and check both “Block incoming messages” and “Block incoming calls” then tap “OK”.

How to Block Text Messages on Android

Alternatively, you can direct go to the incoming calls page, tap on the number and select “Block number”. This will block all the calls and text messages from that particular number. To unblock a number, go to Blacklist, select the number and then “Delete” it. See also: How to Access Blocked Websites

Method 2: Using the Add to Spam Feature

Another easy method to block text and calls on Android phone is using the Add to Spam feature. This technique doesn’t require any advance computer knowledge therefore it is highly recommended.

Step 1: Open your messaging app on Android and go to the message list.

Step 2: Tap and hold on the message coming from the number you want to block. A menu will pop up: mute, delete, view contact, add to spam (block number for different Android version). Tap on Add to Spam.

Step 3: A message will pop up “This number will be added to your spam numbers”. Tap OK and you are done!

Add to Spam Android block text message calls

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Method 3: Using Apps from Google Play Store

This is one of the easiest ways to block text messages and unwanted calls on Android but it is also one of the most complicated ways. It is easy because some apps allow you to block unwanted numbers with just a click. It is complicated because there are many apps available on Google Play and you need to know which one suit your needs.

Step 1: Select an app that is able to block text messages and incoming calls. Handcent SMS, Private Space, Blacklist, SMS Blocker, and VBlocker are a few free apps that is recommended.

Step 2: Go to the Google Play Store (Android Market) and search for the text blocking app you prefered.

Step 3: Download and install the app onto your Android phone.

Step 4: Open the app and follow the instructions on the app to block unwanted text messages and unknown phone numbers.

SMS Blocker Android
SMS Blocker – One of the best Android apps to block text messages and calls

For cracked Android apps, you can always install them from Snappzmarket or Blackmart.

Other than the above mentioned methods, contacting your carrier is also a good way to block text messages and unwanted incoming calls.

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Blackmart Alpha APK Latest Version Free Download and Free Android Apps

There are a few methods to download the latest version of Blackmart Alpha APK. It is a free app so it is unnecessary to pay a dime to download this app. Those who pay to download Blackmart Alpha APK are definitely not a smart consumer even if you download the newest version. Blackmart, is an app that downloads full APKs of apps as well as games. Therefore, it enables you to download paid app or paid games for free.

Before learning how to install Blackmart Alpha on an Android device, you should know that Blackmart Alpha is actually an awesome app that gives you the ability to install any kind of apps you want on your device for free. All these apps are made available in Black Market. Of course, Blackmart Alpha is not the only one but it is considered one of the best alternatives market to the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. The standard is comparable to Approb which is another famous app that install cracked apps on Android phones and tablets.

Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha Alternatives: Approb, Aptoide, AppChina, Snappzmarket, Wandoujia, Kuaiyong, Gfan, AppBrain. Alternatively, you may read this article to see a list of Installous for Android.

Before you begin, it is important to understand that the purpose of Blackmart is to allow users to try an app before buying it from Google Play Store. So, please buy the app after you test it out.

How to Download and Install Blackmart Alpha on Android

There are two methods to download Blackmart Alpha. It is highly recommended to download it directly to your Android phone or tablet because it is the easiest way.

Download via Android phones or tablets:

First of all, access this link to download Blackmart Alpha APK file to your Android device. Once the download is completed, open the APK file and your device will start the installation automatically. The installation is always “Next, Next, Agree, and Complete”.

Download via a PC:

  1. To download Blackmart via a computer, you will first need to download Blackmart APK file and save it to your local folder.
  2. Connect your Android phones or tablets to your computer using a USB cable.
  3. Transfer the .APK file to any directory on your Android device. Make sure you remember the directory because you have to access it later.
  4. Disconnect your Android device from your PC. Again, go to the directory where you store the .APK file. Tap on it and your device will run the installation automatically.

Now you can open Blackmart Alpha and use the search bar to search for any app you want. Simply tap on the app and you can install it like how you install an app from Google Play Store. Installing the latest version of Blackmart Alpha APK is something very common. You should be able to install it within a few minutes. However, please do not hesitate to use the comment function below to share your questions if you face any problem and weird errors occur during the installation.

Updated on May 23, 2015: The latest Blackmart Alpha APK version is 1.1.3.

Updated on March 24, 2016: Blackmart is no longer serving the Android community. Try Blackmart for iPhone And iPad if you are an Apple user. Otherwise, you should try other alternatives to Blackmart as mentioned above.