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How to Set Wallpaper Without Cropping in Android

It is infuriating when you are forced to crop an image before you are able to set the whole image as wallpaper. However, that doesn’t means there is no way to put an entire image as your wallpaper. With so many free apps available in the Play Store, you can still set wallpaper without cropping it in your Android phones or tablets. For those who are keen to know how to set wallpaper without cropping in Android, you may follow the methods below to put any of your favourite photo on your home or lockscreen.

Image 2 Wallpaper

Image 2 Wallpaper

So far, Image 2 Wallpaper is regarded as the best apps to set wallpaper without cropping in Android devices. This app sets an image, photo, or picture as a wallpaper with or without resizing it. You can select any photo from your gallery and set it as wallpaper in any way you like. It is a free app and you can download it from Play Store.

Wallpaper Setter

Wallpaper Setter

Wallpaper Setter is a great alternative to Image 2 Wallpaper. This app is designed for Android users to set wallpaper according to their preference. It takes less than 3 easy steps to set your full image as your wallpaper on your device’s home screen or lockscreen. The best thing is, Wallpaper Setter is a free app and it is available in Play Store.

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Simple Image Wallpaper

Simple Image Wallpaper makes your photo fit entirely to your home screen or lockscreen. It also able to set your wallpaper to an image that doesn’t move. In addition, you can also create live wallpaper with this app easily. Simple Image Wallpaper supports Android 2.1 or any newer version.

Wallpaper Wizardrii

Wallpaper Wizardrii

Wallpaper Wizardrii is perhaps one of the coolest Android apps when it comes to setting wallpaper without cropping it. With Wallpaper Wizardrii, you can set your own images, portrait, landscape, and crop. You can also set the wallpaper with Scroll or No Scroll. Wallpaper Wizardrii is also a free apps and you can install it right away from Android store for free.

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Wallpapyrus pro

Wallpapyrus pro cropping Android

Wallpapyrus pro skip the part where you need to crop the image before you are able to set it as wallpaper in your Android. It also enables you to set any image as wallpaper with just a click, no questions asked. This app supports all kinds of landscape or portrait images. On top of that, you can also select your favourite colors or an Analog Clock with second as your wallpaper.

set wallpaper without crop pro

Yes, the name of this app is set wallpaper without crop pro. This app has only 1 feature which is to bypass the default cropper in Android. You can set any image as wallpaper on your home screen without using the default Android cropper. It is simple, straight-forward, and very easy to be used.

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If changing wallpaper is one of your favourite things to do, it is a must to try any of the apps here. Other than the above-mentioned apps, you may also share your own method at the comment box below if you know how to set wallpaper without cropping in Android.