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How to Transfer Photos from Android to PC

Transfering videos, music, files, images, pictures or photos from Android to PC is something easy as long as you have a USB cable. Other than using a USB cable, you can still do it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. Of course, using a USB cable is the fastest way because it transmits data quicker compared to Bluetooth. If you are new to Android and wondering how to transfer photos from Android to PC, or vice versa, you can follow the step by step guide here.

Transfer Photos from Android to PC using USB

To transfer photos from the memory card or micro-SD card in an Android phone to a PC or Mac, you need a USB cable.

Step 1: First, connect your Android and PC/Mac using a USB cable. The cable usually comes with the box when you purchased your smartphone. Connect the smaller USB port to your smartphone and the other end into a USB port on your PC or Mac.

Step 2: Wait for your PC to detect your Android phones. You need to install the USB drivers for your Android if your operating system prompt you to do so.

Step 3: On your Android phone, open the notification bar and tap on the USB icon to start the connection.

Step 4: On your PC, go to My Computer and look for “Removable Drive”.

Step 5: Double-click Removable Drive and go to DCIM -> Camera. Here you can see all the photos and pictures taken with your phone’s camera.

Step 6: Copy the photos you want from this folder to anywhere you prefered on your PC.

Step 7: Eject the USB Drive after the transfer is finished.

Transfer Photos from Android to PC

Transfer Photos from PC to Android using USB

Transfering photos, pictures, mp3, or images such as gif file from PC to Android is very similar to the step above. First of all, follow Step 1 to Step 3 above. Once your Android and PC is connected, copy the photos you want to transfer and paste it under Removable Drive -> DCIM -> Camera. For music, songs or MP3, you can paste it under Removable Drive -> Music. Alternatively, you can use your PC to create additional folders in your Android device.

Transfer Photos from Android to PC using Apps

If you don’t have a USB cable, you can still transfer photos from Android to PC using an Android app. In Google Play store, there are numerous photo apps available for free. For example, Flickr, ThisLife, VSCO Cam, and Lightroom. These are high-quality apps. You can upload your photos using these apps as cloud-based backup and then download them to your PC via the same app. Other than photo apps, you can go for Android Manager apps such as SnapPea (Also known as Wandoujia), AppCake, iFunBox, Pandaapp, vShare and AirDroid. AirDroid is one of the most powerful Android apps that allows you to manage, control and access to your Android devices wirelessly. Most important, you can do it via web browser Over-The-Air.

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SnapPea App Turns Your Windows to Android Phone

Not yet download SnapPea app? You are outdated! There are already many people using SnapPea on their Windows PC as well as Mac while you are reading the app review. Over the year, the number of SnapPea downloads from Windows and Mac users are on the rise. This is because SnapPea is an awesome app that turns your PC into an Android device. This is also something the market wants because no one wants to use more than one device at a time. There is nothing wrong with you if this is the first time you heard of SnapPea because SnapPea has another name which is Wandoujia. Whether it is SnapPea or Wandoujia, they are referring to the same app that brings a lot of benefits to its users.

What is SnapPea


What is SnapPea and what exactly does SnapPea do? SnapPea is actually a free utility that allows you to manage your Android phone from a Windows PC or a Mac OS X. You can manage your apps, photos, songs, videos, or phone contacts from your computer without the need to touch your Android phone. You are allowed to install or uninstall any app on your phone from your computer via web browser. Besides, you can also send SMS messages from your web browsers. If you are familiar with iOS device, you must know that iOS users can manage everything from iTunes. In other words, SnapPea is an app works like iTunes for an Android device. In a nutshell, SnapPea allows you to manage your Android stuffs faster and simpler. Still need more review?

How to Use SnapPea

In order to use SnapPea, you must first download SnapPea to your computer. On the other hand, you have to download SnapPea to your Android device too. Once both devices are installed with SnapPea, connect them using a USB cable or a Wi-Fi hotspot. Open SnapPea in your Android device and you will be given a passcode. Key in this passcode when you launch SnapPea PC version. That is all you have to do to run SnapPea. Isn’t it extremely easy?

SnapPea Windows
SnapPea on a Windows PC

SnapPea competitors in today’s market

  • AirDroid – Try it yourself and let us know your thoughts with the comment function below.
  • AppBrain is considered an alternative to SnapPea. It is now serving more than 1 million users. Just like SnapPea, it allows you to search an app from your computer too.
  • Gfan is a great source to get free Android apps and games.
  • AppChina is well recognized as one of the best Android App Store and it has around 40,000 apps hosted in its server.
  • Aptoide are built for Android devices just like Installous are built for iOS devices.
  • Snappzmarket is dead but it deserves a seat here.
  • Approb is constantly regarded as the best app to install cracked apps on an Android devise. Approb provides limitless paid apps for free.

PS: The information shared here is solely for educational purposes. does not recommend anyone to use cracked apps. Please buy the app after you try it.

Lastly, don’t tell me you are still using Android 4.x Jelly Bean because the latest Android version is Android 4.4 KitKat. Since you are here for SnapPea app, why not take this opportunity to update your Android version?