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Installous for Android

It is common to see phone users change their smart phone from iPhone to Android phones or from iPad to Android tablets. If you are one of them who have just switched from iOS to Android and have been searching for apps like Installous for Android, the top six apps below are the best recipes for you to gain paid Android apps for free. Although things work differently between iOS and Android, these apps work almost similar to Installous. They support Android users and provide the same thing Installous supplies to iOS users.


Aptoide is widely known as the best place to download free Android apps especially in the U.S. market. Thanks to its extremely easy-to-use installation and super-duper-simple interface, Aptoide frequently ranked no 1 best app to install cracked apps for Android. Aptoide hosts thousands of Android apps and there is almost no downtime on their server. Any Android users can search for any desire apps and download them 24/7 from anywhere they want.


Approb is an awesome app for Android users to install cracked app and games. With its ability to provide tons of apps to the market, it is no doubt to name it the Installous for Android. Unlike Aptoide, the installation of an app through Approb requires a computer. Users need to download the .APK file of an app and then transfer it to their Android device.


Wandoujia literally means bowl, beans, and clip in Chinese. It is a formation of a delicious meal – A user, an Android device, and free apps. This China-based Android App Store isn’t very big compared to Google Play Store but it is serving more than 200 million Android devices worldwide. Free apps, games, files, media, music, ringtones, wallpaper, and many other things you used to imagine to put into your Android phones can be found in Wandoujia. The only negative thing about Wandoujia is they haven’t made it available in English.

Blackmart Alpha or Black Market Alpha

Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha or Black Market Alpha is always recommended as the next best Installous for Android because of it is made available in English. On top of that, almost 60% of apps available in the Google Play Store are available in Black market Alpha and they are ready to download for free. As for the depressing side, Black Market Alpha is not always online because the server is always down compared to Aptoide.


gFan app

Not many people in the western countries heard of gFan because of language barrier. However, gFan is yet another amazing Android app that is serving millions of devices every year. Thousands of free apps are available and millions of cool wallpaper are available in HD for free download. Popular Android apps and games like Weixin, Candy Crush Saga, Fruit Ninja, Minion Rush, and Subway Surfers for PC are all available in gFan.



Last but not least, AppChina. AppChina provides the latest apps available in the Android App Store to their users for free. The official website of AppChina contains of free apps, games, wallpaper, and ringtones. They can be downloaded online easily and then transfer to an Android device. Instead, users can access to its page and download apps to their Android device directly. Other than popular apps, AppChina also provides Android apps that are not allowed in the Google Play Store. Simply Bravo!

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Snappzmarket Alternatives to Download Free Android Apps

Perhaps the number two question a lot of Android users are asking is how to download free apps to their device. The number one answer to this question is Snappzmarket. Snappzmarket may not be the best but it is one of the best apps you need in order to access paid apps for free. The user interface is extremely easier to be used and the server hosts a lot of awesome apps and games, for instance, Temple Run, Subway Surfers for PC, Midomi, Minion Rush, Jewel Saga, Bunny Skater, Hill Climb Racing, Buttons and Scissors (from KYWorks), Garden Mania, and others.

To install Snappzmarket, all you need to do is search for “Snappzmarket” from your device and hit the install button once it is found. Once Snappzmarket is installed to an Android device, users need to register an account to login. They can then search for any app they wish to install. Most of the app available in Android App Store can be found in Snappzmarket. Snappzmarket works exactly like Android App Store, an app can be installed within a few taps. The only difference is you do not have to pay.

Snappzmarket on an Android Device

Before you start downloading any free apps using either Snappzmarket or other similar program, please understand that the entire purpose of cracked apps is to allow a potential buyer to test an app before buying it. Without doubt, there is a huge market for cracked apps because many people prefer to use free app. Appcakefans strongly recommend you to buy the app once you have tried after all it does not cost a lot of money. Most of the useful apps cost only $0.99. Are you going to rob $0.99?

In late 2012, Snappzmarket official website was seized by FBI Anti-Piracy due to legal issues. Another two similar website Applanet and Appbucket were shut down at the same time too. Three of these websites were the first few websites to be seized by DoJ (Department of Justice). Although Snappzmarket was gone for more than a year, there are some other alternatives where you may consider.

Snappzmarket Screenshort

Snappzmarket Alternatives:

  • Approb – Android app that robs other apps.
  • AppCake – The app that gives you the ability to install cracked IPA files to an iOS device.
  • The Rest? – Aptoide, Blackmart.

Reminder: Last but not least, please buy after trying it. Please pay a respect to developer who spent a huge amount of effort to create an awesome app for you.