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Installous Alternatives for iOS 7

Installous is no longer available on this planet while Apple gives birth to iOS 7. Everyone who have used Installous before are dying to know the best Installous alternatives when Hackulous declared that they are going to retire. Now, the jailbreak for iOS 7 is released and people still download Cydia to their iOS 7 device. The number of Cydia users is increasing. Hence, there is a need to sort out the best Installous alternatives for iOS 7 so that everyone can continue to enjoy the features provided by Installous. Now get ready of your plate and pick any of these alternatives. All of them are yummy and mouth-watering. The list here is sorted from A to Z and there is no ranking involved.

Installous iOS 7


It would be funny if you said you are a huge fan of Installous but never heard of AppCake. AppCake has almost everything Installous has. It is now the closest app we can get in the market after Installous is gone. Free apps, themes, tweaks, games, ringtones, and many things are available with AppCake.


Some called it HipStore while some called it Hip Store. This app allows iOS 7 users to download and install IPA files to their device. It works only on a jailbroken iOS device, thus, jailbreak is a must in order to use HipStore. A user is allowed to download any apps as long as the IPA file is available to download from HipStore.


iFunBox is repeatedly bring up when the topic is related to Installous alternatives. This is because iFunBox allows any jailbreak user to download and install cracked apps. iFunBox is not made available as a mobile app but you can download the Desktop version to download free apps and then transfer it to your iOS 7 device.


Kuaiyong is one of the best Installous alternatives and everyone deserves a chance to try it at least once in a lifetime. The number of Kuaiyong users is on the rise when it was first release 2 years ago. Kuaiyong allows you to download free apps without jailbreak! It works almost similar to iFunBox where you need to use Kuaiyong software to transfer your dream apps to your iOS device. Hence, it works without jailbreak.


vShare, we Share! It sounds like we share the app we have! Alright, it is just a coincidence in naming this awesome app. vShare is also known as AppVV. It is a cool app that gives you millions of free apps. From games to themes to apps, vShare has it all.


Last but not least, one very important yet cool Installous alternative is Zeusmos. Zeusmos is important to be mentioned here because it has the capability to grant you the power to download apps from App Store for free. Once you have installed Zeusmos, open it and search for the app you want at the search bar on top. You can search by popularity or category. Then? One tap to install it.

Other Installous Alternatives for iOS 7: IPAStore, IPA Installer Console, AppTrackr (dead), AppAddict, and PandaApp. See also: Installous for Android.

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Kuaiyong Gives you Free iOS 7 Apps without Jailbreak

The most wanted thing in the past few years was an application that allows iOS users to download paid apps for free to their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Cydia users keep praying for the arrival of an app that allows them to test an app from Apple Store for free so that they have time to consider whether or not to buy the app with their hard earned money. Today, Cydia users no longer need to pray. The arrival of the dream app has been released from China – Kuaiyong. Kuaiyong is now hotter than a cup of hot cappuccino because it is the most hunted app not only in China but also in the United States and the United Kingdom.

With the ability to allow any iOS user to download free app to their iOS 7 powered iPhone 5S without jailbreak, Kuaiyong has top the list of best Installous alternatives. Many Apple users who just bought the latest iPhone 5S not willing to jailbreak their brand new iOS 7 mobile phone because jailbreaking means killing the warranty. However, this is no longer a concern when it comes to Kuaiyong because this awesome application requires no jailbreak. In short, you don’t have to jailbreak or use Cydia to get free apps.

While there are so many positives feedback about Kuaiyong, language is the only problem with this app. Kuaiyong was released in 2012 but there is no English version until today. You will always see a sentence in green saying “English Version (for Windows) is coming soon…” every time you log on to its official website. Well, instead of keep waiting for the English version, you may now install the Chinese version to your Mac, iPhone, or PC with the detail guide here.

To get Kuaiyong work on your iOS 7 device, Mac, or PC, you will have to download the setup file. Select Windows version for PC or download Kuaiyong IPA file for iOS device. Once you have download the setup file (.exe extension for Windows), you just have to double click it and install it like normal software. As for iOS device, install the IPA file just like how you install an app to your device and Kuaiyong will be ready in less than a minute.

Kuaiyong windows PC
Kuaiyong installation for Windows PC

Whether you are using Mac or PC, you should be able to see the same thing once the installation is done. What you need now is the translation of the app as shown in the image here.


As you can see from the image above, there is a search bar, a search button, and some other important features including Manage Downloads, Top Downloads, Top Recommended, and New App. That’s basically all you need in order to download an app. Search for the app you want and then click on the download button. You can then transfer the IPA file to your iOS 7 device through Mac. You may try some of these Kuaiyong alternatives if it is not working for you: Appcake (one of the most popular app), Approb, Wandoujia, gfan, AppChina, vShare, Pandaapp, Zeusmos, HipStore, and iFunbox.