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Download Kik for PC for Free in 3 Steps

Ladies and Gentlemen, the topic of the day is How to Download Kik for PC. Kik messenger is a well-known personal smartphone messenger that connects you with your friends and family. This instant messaging app was released in 2010 and it works impeccably on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Phone 7. Due to the compatibility with any smartphone, many smartphone users fall in love with this app instantly. Officially, there is no Kik Messenger for computer. Well, there is an old saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. There are thousands of people out there dying to know how to use Kik messenger for PC so that they can send text messages or photos to their contacts from their computer. If you are one of them, you are reading the right page because here we have a workable method to run Kik on a PC. It is unofficial but it is going to work on any Windows including Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Kik for PC

How to Download Kik Messenger for PC

All you need is an easy 3-step guide to get Kik on PC. Get your computer ready and follow these steps to begin. The method we are going to share is like how we install LINE, Viber, Whatsapp, and WeChat to a PC.

Step 1: First of all, go to BlueStacks official website and download the Android emulator that is compatible with your Windows version. You may go for other emulator but BlueStacks is currently well-recognized as the best option. Click on the .exe setup file to install it. It usually takes less than a minute for the installation process.

Step 2: Open the program once it is completely installed. You will see a virtual Android phone appearing in your Windows PC. It is nice, isn’t? Access to Google Play Store from the emulator and search for Kik Messenger. Click on the install button right next to the app to install it.

Step 3: Kik Messenger will be available in your computer within seconds. Now you should log into Kik Messenger from your computer. If you do not own a smartphone, you can borrow one to register, and then sign in from your PC. This technique allows you to use Kik Messenger without smartphone.

There is no limit to use Kik Messenger for PC even though it is running on an Android emulator. You can still create a group chat that contains up to 9 people, send offline messages, sketch content message, and send or receive messages from different operating systems. There is no obstacle to send a message to any mobile phone from your computer through Kik Messenger.

Kik Messenger for PC alternatives:

  • LINE for PC (without the need of a smartphone)
  • Viber for PC (make free calls to any mobile at anytime)
  • Facetime for PC
  • WhatsApp (Cross platform on PC, Windows phones, Android, iOS, Mac and Blackberry)
  • Weixin Web (It is known as WeChat Worldwide)

Is the 3-step guide to download Kik for PC work for you? If it is not, please tell us why. Otherwise, please share us how do you get Kik on your computer if you have a better solution. The world wants to hear it.

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LINE for PC Free Download without Smartphone

There are many ways to use LINE for PC – the PC version of the famous LINE app. However, there is only one way to use LINE on a windows PC without the need of a smart phone. According to a market survey, there is still a very huge percentage of people does not own a smart phone although iPhone, Samsung, Windows phone, and Blackberry are very common in the world today. If you are one of those people who is not using a smart phone but would like to run LINE on your PC for free, this is the one and only way to do it.

line pc version

Why you need LINE for PC?

Whether you own a smart phone or a PC, LINE is now a necessary app not just for iOS users or Android users but also PC users. With LINE, users are able to send free text messages, free voice messages, free voice calls, as well as unlimited video calls to anyone in their contacts. There is almost no limit to use LINE on any latest computer device as long as the internet connection is available. What makes LINE stand out from other messenger app is the super-duper cute sticker. Users are able to express their emotion with stickers. In LINE, a sticker said a thousand words.

Do not miss these alternatives to LINE for PC:


LINE for PC without smart phones

There is no need to feel surprise that you can now run LINE for PC without a smart phone. Mobile technology is moving in a speed that we can’t hardly imagine. New things come out almost every day. Thus, running LINE on a PC without the need of a smart phone has become common after this article is published. Here are a few tasty steps to install LINE for PC without a smart phone.

Step 1: Download LINE for PC for free from Naver’s official website. Please download the setup file from the given links below according to your operating system.

  1. For Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows Vista users: here
  2. For Windows 8 and Windows 10 users: here
  3. For Mac OS X users: here

Step 2: Run the installation file (LineInst.exe for Windows) after the download is completed. It will take less than five minutes for the installation.

Step 3: You can log in to your account if you have registered with LINE before. The entire contact lists in your smart phone will be imported to the LINE PC version. Otherwise, you will need to register a line account on PC once the installation is completed.

Step 4: Here comes the trick to use LINE for PC without a smartphone. As LINE require a smartphone for the registration, you can either borrow a smartphone for the installation or install an Android emulator (BlueStacks is recommended) to your PC and then register a line account.

Step 5: In your friend’s smart phone or Android emulator, launch LINE and go to More -> Settings -> Accounts -> Email Registration. Enter your email and password. A verification code from LINE will be sent to your email. Enter the verification code in your smart phone/Android emulator and both your smart phone and LINE PC version account will be activated. What else now? Log into LINE from your PC and then start to chat with your friends.

Updated on August 25th, 2016: We have tested LINE on Windows 10 PC. It works flawlessly. Just follow the steps above and you can send messages, voice messages, or make a video calls to anyone in your contact list.