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Appboy – Mobile Apps Advertising Automation

A mobile app is considered meaningless if it couldn’t reach the right customers. There won’t be a lot of buyers if your competitors are doing a better marketing job. Thus, you need something like Appboy to market your app and maximize the lifetime value of your app users. Without a proper marketing, a mobile app couldn’t sell well even though it is a great app. Developers will dump the app in the end of the day.

Appboy logo
Appboy Logo

What is Appboy

Appboy is basically a program or software that markets a mobile app automatically. It was founded by Co-founders Mark Ghermezian, Bill Magnuson and Jon Hyman. With the objective to keep all audiences engaged to an app, Appboy defines a marketing strategy and tactics for their customer’s app, increase user engagement and retention, improves conversion rates and help their customers to understand their user trends with analytics and reports. In short, Appboy is one of the best app analytic tools that unlock your app’s full potential and bring the best marketing automation to a mobile app.

Appboy Screenshot

A few notable features found in Appboy are Push Notifications, Email, In-App Messages and News Feed. Push Notifications and Email is a marketing technique done outside the app. It uses action-oriented messages, richer content, images and multiple calls to attract your audience back to the app. A mobile app marketer can compose and automate any mobile messages in Appboy. Besides, Appboy uses In-App messages and News Feed to increase engagement levels from time to time.

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With Appboy, mobile app developers can manage the lifecycle of their app users with Success Squad. Success Squad is fundamentally a team of experts from Appboy that helps with the marketing of an app. For Success Squad pricing or enterprise plan, you will need to contact Appboy’s team for pricing.

Appboy Competitors

With further questions, Appboy is one of the best app analytic tools in the market today. However, there are also a few Appboy competitors are doing very well in marketing automation for mobile apps such as Adjust, Mobile App Tracking, AppsFlyer, Localyitcs, AD-X Tracking, Countly, Mixpanel, Swrve, Kochava, Distimo, Flurry Analytics, Upsight, Tapstream, Appsee, App Annie Anlytics and Apsalar. Some of them are free to download while some are come with different pricing.

Appboy is a cross-platform software and it supports Anrdoid, iOS, Windows, Unity, Fire OS, Xamarin, Baidu and more. For those who are interested to try this app, you can download Appboy trial version from its official website. It is highly recommended to try it before buying. Alternatively, you can also contact the sale team to get the latest Appboy pricing if you are interested to purchase the app. Generally, the basic plan is free for first 1000 users and Appboy Pro is $100 per month.

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In a nutshell, Appboy is something you can try if you are looking for marketing automation for mobile apps, mobile relationship management, documentation or user engagement for mobile apps.