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OpenAppMkt: Download and Compare to Cydia

Have you ever heard of OpenAppMkt? Perhaps Open App Mkt? OpenAppMkt is not a popular name compared to Cydia but it is often regarded as one of the best Cydia alternatives. This is because OpenAppMkt provides a great amount of free apps, tweaks, themes, and games for iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5, as well as older firmwares. There are a few famous apps come from OpenAppMkt and they are definitely worth to be mentioned. Cydia Installer, iFile, and Siri tweaks are just a few of them. They work perfectly on a jailbroken iOS device just like AppCake. So, you should try this awesome app if you are hunger for free apps and tweaks.

How to Download OpenAppMkt

It is a must to download OpenAppMkt in order to access thousands of free apps and tweaks. Open your Safari browser and go to Tap on the “Install OpenAppMkt” button located on top of the page. A bookmark will be saved to your device home screen. That’s it. Nothing will be installed to your iOS device but just a Safari bookmark to open OpenAppMkt.


How to install Apps from OpenAppMkt

OpenAppMkt allows you to install apps to an iOS device without jailbreaking. It is true if you know how it works. When the developer of OpenAppMkt says “Install” means install a Safari bookmark on your home screen. So, you are basically getting the bookmark of a wanted app installed. Click on the bookmark and it will bring you to the web apps available in OpenAppMkt. In short, OpenAppMkt is an online web apps store.

3 Rumors about OpenAppMkt

Lately, there is a lot of complaining OpenAppMkt or Open App Mkt is not working for them. Rumors also said that OpenAppMkt is shut down. The official website shows only “Application Error” and that has been a few days. Now let’s see the top 3 rumors about OpenAppMkt.

  1. You can download and install OpenAppMkt without jailbreak. In this case, you can download Cydia without jailbreak using OpenAppMkt. – True or False? We have tested on one iPad, one iPhone 5S with iOS 7, one iPhone 5S with iOS 6, one iPhone 4 with iOS 7. It is not working on any of them. Please leave a comment using the comment box below if it works for you.
  2. Many app packages are fake. Rumors said you can download those packages and it will work on an iOS device without jailbreak. True or False? We leave it to you.
  3. Is Open App Mkt really shut down? Who knows? We have noticed something going on with Again, we leave it to you.

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Open App Mkt

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