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Top 10 Craziest Apps to Turbocharge Your Instagram Account

Instagram is without doubt one of the most useful websites can be found in this era. It brings a lot of fun and up-to-date information to every Instragram user. However, it can be more fascinating with the top 10 craziest Instagram apps to do almost everything to your Instragram account. These Instagram mobile apps are able to turbocharge your Instagram account with unique features such as adding effects to your photos, scheduling posts, monetize your Instgram account by selling products and more. They work on both iOS and Android smartphones and will definitely add a lot of fun to your Instagram network.

1. Hyperlapse App

Hyperlapse is a great app for those who want to add effect to the video they took. It is an official app for iOS users to create cool time lapse videos. This app is also built-in with in-house stablisation so that you no longer need to carry the heavy yet bulky tripods. It is useful when you need to shoot a video while driving a car or riding a motorcycle.

2. Latergramme App

Latergramme is one of the greatest apps for Instragrammers who want to schedule a post. This app basically plans for the best time to release your Instragram post. You can posts from the web or your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also search for an Instagram posts and then regram a post. Latergramme works on iOS, Android, Windows PC and Mac OS. It is also highly recommended by iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.


3. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an app help you to manager your followers better by giving you the detail analytics you need – total number of likes, most liked photos ever, most liked posts ever, average number of likes, average comments per photo, follower growth charts and more practical analytics.

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4. Worldcam

Photos in Instagram are unlimited and almost a photo is uploaded to Instagram every second. Hence, it is a must to install Worldcam to discover only the content you want to read or see. Worldcam is an app that allows you to search Instagram photos from around the world according to location. You can search photos from Stonehenge, Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, New York, Grand Canyon or wherever you want with Worldcam. This is definitely a useful + practical app for all iOS and Android users.

5. Print Studio App

Print Studio app turns your Instagram photos into beautiful prints. It is a free app and you can download from App Store or Google Play for free. It costs only $12 for first 24 prints and $10 for each additional 24 prints. You can crop, edit, print and then have these photos mail to everywhere in the world. It will be a good gift to your friends or family rather than the normal postcards. For a free Photo Editing app, see Meitu XiuXiu.

Print Studio Instagram app

6. Soldsie

Many Instaram users are wondering how to monetize their Instagram account especially those who have a lot of followers. Soldsie app is all you need. This app has the easiest way to sell products to your Instagram followers. All you need is a “Sold” in the comment box to start selling.

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7. Inselly

Inselly is another app you can try to monetize your Instagram account. Inselly is considered as one of the best marketplace app for Instagram as it takes 0% commission. You can sell your stuff to people around the world with Inselly. Just tag your product photos with #inselly and you can start your online business right away. Payment will be paid via PayPal.

Inselly Instagram app


IFTTT is the answer for you if you are wondering how to save photos from Instagram. IFTTT provides you the easiest way to save or copy any Instagram photos into your local hard drive, local computer, Google Drive or other types of storage. Any photos can be saved within a second with just a click. Try Instaport, InstaSave for Android or InstaSave for iOS as other alternatives to IFTTT.

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9. InstaMessage

Feeling lonely on Instagram? Try InstaMessage. This app searches for people nearby who uses InstaMessage. You can then send him or her a message and make friends. It also allows you to send a message to anyone you like on Instagram through a private message. In other words, you can talk to Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian, Joy Cho, Beyonce, Yao Chen, Shakira and more.


10. nolikesyet

Just like the name of the app nolikesyet, this app shows you photos or images that has no likes yet. It is a useful tool to search for photos that have just been uploaded to Instagram or photos that no one really likes to see. Be the first one to like the photo or you can save it to your local computer with IFTTT. Other than nolikesyet, you can also try Unfollowgram, a great app to know who unfollowed you on Instagram.

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Meitu XiuXiu: Download Free Photo Editor

Meitu XiuXiu, or simply known as MeituPic in English version, is a mobile-based photo editing app. This free photo editing app is developed by Meitu, a company based in Xiamen, China. It was started off with Meitu for PC where it is a professional PC-based photo editing tool. Computer users can download and install this application for free and then use it to edit photos on their PC or Mac. From there, Meitu launched Meitu XiuXiu (MeituPic) and Meipai to target mobile users such as iOS and Android users. By first quarter of 2015, Meitu app has over 400 million users worldwide. Most of the users are from China while about 10-15% of users are from the U.S., Europe, Australia and some other countries in Asia.

Speaking about the features of Meitu XiuXiu, it definitely has a lot of things to be mentioned. First is the capability to turn an ugly girl into a beautiful girl and an unattractive guy to a handsome guy. How it does? Meitu XiuXiu comes with a few amazing Beauty Retouch features where a person can enhance the skin, brighten the eyes or face-life with just one tap. Tap a few more times and you can to remove acne, blemishes, dark circles or wrinkles. Also, you can optimize your skin tones or whiten it to make it look perfect.

Meitu XiuXiu MeituPic

Now that the face and skin are perfect, it is time to edit the body. A girl can get the devil body she always wanted with just a touch of her fingers. There are slimming and weight-loss features loaded with Meitu XiuXiu too. Take a photo of yours and turn it into Scarlett Johansson’s body shape with just a tap. As for man, he can edit Bruce Lee’s abs to his body if he wanted to. If you have the Jay Chou’s eye, you have an option to use brighten and enlarge features to make your eyes look astonishingly attractive.

Other than dozens of quality effects and frames that spice up your photo, the most amazing thing is the “Grow Tall” effect. A five-foot tall person can be stretched to look like a 6-foot tall person. This is one of the most attractive effects and also one reason why MeituPic has millions of users over the world. Follow the guide here to download Meitu XiuXiu or download MeituPic to your iOS or Android devices if you couldn’t wait to try this free photo editing app now.

How to Download Meitu XiuXiu (MeituPic)

For iOS: The easiest way to download Meitu XiuXiu to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is to go to Apple App Store and search for MeituPic. Meitu XiuXiu is the Chinese name so you will need to search for MeituPic in order to get the English version. MeituPic is one of the top 10 apps of the year in App Store for 2014. Tap on the Install button to install it to your iOS devices right away.

For Android: In order to download MeituPic for Android, go to Google Play Store and search for MeituPic. The latest version is MeituPic 4.3.0. Tap on the Install button to install it to your Android smartphones or tablets. MeituPic is a free photo editing for both Android and iOS users so you don’t have to pay a single penny.

The second method to download Meitu XiuXiu to an Android device is to install it through MeituPic APK. Connect your PC or Mac to the internet and go to Meitu Web online or Blackmart. Download the latest MeituPic APK and transfer it to your Android device. On your Android, tap on the APK to install the app right away.

Don’t like Meitu XiuXiu? Try the MeituPic Alternatives (Free Photo Editing): Camera360, Instagram, Photo Wonder, BeautyPlus, YouCam Perfect and Baidu Motu.