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AppJoy Hack Code for Free Amazon and iTunes Gift Card

This is a tutorial to teach you how to use AppJoy hack code or AppNana hack code to get free Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Xbox gift cards. Before you begin, it is important to know that AppJoy is also known as AppNana, both of them are referring to the same application. Any of them are able to give you gift card credits and you can use these gift card credits to download any paid app for free from your favorite portal. If you are wondering how it works, follow the step by step guide below to learn how to earn Nanas now and redeem your rewards.

How to Get AppJoy Hack or AppNana Hack

For Android users, you can proceed to the step below and begin your free credit journey with AppJoy or AppNana. As for iOS users, it is a must to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch if you would like to earn gift card credits with AppJoy or AppNana. Thus, you have to jailbreak and download Cydia to your iOS device before you begin.

Step 1: Android users can simply go to Google Play and search for Flex 2. Flex 2 is a free app and you can simply tap on it to install it. For iOS users, you need to download it from Cydia App Store. Try to use AppCake or Kuaiyong to search for Flex 2 if you can’t find this app in Cydia App Store.

AppJoy AppNana
Flex 2 screenshot

Step 2: Again, at App Store or Google Play Store, search for AppJoy or AppNana. AppJoy and AppNana are also free app therefore you can tap on the install button to install any of these apps for free.

AppJoy screenshot

Step 3: Launch AppJoy or AppNana in your Android device or iOS device. Sign up as a user through the app. It is free to sign up as AppJoy member so there won’t be any credit card number involved.

Step 4: Open Flex 2 that you installed in Step 1. Go to AppJoy app or AppNana app and download the points patch. Activate both the unlimited coins and AppJoy Unlimited Nanas by checking the checkbox.

AppJoy hack code
AppJoy Hack Code screenshot

Step 5: Go back to AppJoy once you are done. Tap on AppJoy Unlimited Nanas and you should be able to see some free gift card points credited to your AppJoy account. You can now use your Nanas to redeem Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox gift cards and PayPal credits.

Step 6: To redeem rewards, tap on the gift cards you want to redeem and enter your name to the pop-up box. Tap on Redeem and you will receive your gift code from AppJoy or AppNana within 48 hours. On the other hand, you will get your invitation code after you redeem your Nanas. You can share your invitation code with your friends to get an extra 2,500 Nanas when your friend input your code successfully. Appjoy invitation code usually look like s4020779.

Appjoy invitation codes
AppJoy Hack Code Redeem screenshot

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The above glitch is founded by one of our readers, James Hullington, from Scotland. We have tested on iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 as well as a few Android devices. Only a few devices work while the rest we get is virtual currency. Please do not hesitate to share your experience in getting AppJoy hack code or AppNana hack code for free gift card credits or PayPal cash here. Whether it works or fail, we would love to hear from you. Alternatively, you can also share your AppJoy invitation code here. Lastly, if you love this article, share it to your social media or leave a LIKE here.

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Is this still working? If it is I need help in doing it. I have android and I downloaded flex 2 but it’s an app to measure water??