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APN Settings for AT&T Tutorial

This is a free step by step tutorial to configure the APN settings for AT&T users in the United States. Before you begin, it is decisive to know what is APN? What does APN means and what APN does? The configuration work will be easier if you know how the AT&T APN settings work. APN stands for Access Point Name and it is the name of a gateway between your carrier’s cellular network such as GPRS, 3G, or 4G LTE and the public internet. This means whatever you configure in the AT&T APN settings will determine the correct IP address, connect your smart phone to the secured network, and see if there is a necessity to connect to a private network. In short, all you need is the right settings and let AT&T do the rest to get you connected to the right way.

How to Configure AT&T APN Settings

The step by step configuration guide here is applicable to all Android smart phones, iPhone, as well as Windows phone. Make sure you follow the correct tutorial here. It is divided into three different parts.

APN Settings for AT&T

AT&T APN Settings 4G LTE

This tutorial works for all kinds of 4G LTE smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Download Samsung Kies and use a Mac to backup all your files and photos), Sony Xperia Z2, LG G3, HTC One M8, Lenovo Vibe Z, Motorola Moto and more.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Tap on Wireless & Networks

Step 3: Tap on Mobile Networks

Step 4: Tap on Access Point Names

Step 5: Tap on the 3 dots at the bottom right and select New APN. Follow the details here and enter them accordingly

Name  ATT
APN  wap.cingular or pta
Proxy  blank
Username  blank
Password  blank
Server  blank
MMS Proxy
MMS Port  80
MMC  310
MNC  410
Authentication type  not set
APN Type  internet + mms
APN Protocol  WAP 2.0
APN enable/disable  blank

AT&T APN Settings 4G (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2)

This tutorial are meant for the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad Air 2, and any other iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices that comes with 4G. Do you know that iPhone users can get free apps with these Apptrackr alternatives?

Step 1: Access to Settings -> General -> Network

Step 2: Tap on the Cellular Data Network

Step 3: Add APN according to the details given here

Step 4: Leave the Username and Password blank and then you are done

APN  wap.cingular or pta
Username  blank
Password  blank

AT&T APN Settings for Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia & AT&T phones)

The APN Settings for AT&T here is only for Windows phone users and AT&T phone users. It sets the APN internet, MMS settings, as well as AT&T wireless for Windows 8.1 phones, Samsung ATIV, Huawei W1, Xiaomi Mi 4, Nokia Lumia 520, Lumia 525, Lumia  1320, Lumia 635, Lumia  1520, Lumia  1020, Lumia  928, Lumia  920, Lumia  820, Lumia  icon, and other similar smart phones. Do you know that you can use Blackmart Alpha to download paid Android apps for free?

Step 1: Access to the Apps list

Step 2: Tap on Settings -> Access Point

Step 3: Press and hold the active settings until you see options menu appears

Step 4: Tap View to view if the settings is correct. Otherwise, Tap Edit to edit it if you found the settings is wrong

Step 5: Tap on the + sign to create new settings if it is needed

Step 6: Enter any connection name you prefer

Step 7: Tap Access Point Name (APN)

Step 9: Enter internet

Step 10: Tap MMS APN and enter internet

 APN   wap.cingular or pta
 Username   blank
 Password   blank
 Proxy server/URL   blank
 Proxy port   80

That’s how you can configure the APN Settings for AT&T on different kinds of smart phones. Drop a message here if you face any problems while getting the MMS AT&T APN settings work on your smart phone.