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AppBounty Pays You to Play

If there is one thing you can play and get paid at the same time, will you hunt for it? The one thing that we are going to discuss today is one amazing program called AppBounty. AppBounty is an app that leads you to many other apps. A user can earn points by downloading free apps from AppBounty App Store. These points can later be redeemed for iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, or credits to download paid apps for free. They are not cash money but they work like instant cash! iTune gift cards can be used to purchase things from Apple while Amazon gift cards can be used to buy anything you want from Amazon store. Amazon is a popular online retailer that sells books, movies, musics, games, apparel, and many other things. So please don’t tell us you got nothing to buy from Amazon.


Isn’t AppBounty an awesome thing? This is definitely a brand new idea to many of us. Is this real or is this another kind of scam in technology world? Most people will sure scratch their head and ask. To find out whether it is real or unreal, why not spend a couple of minutes to try it out yourself? AppBounty works only on iOS devices thus please prepare your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch now and join in on the action.

How Does AppBounty Work?

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is to open the Safari browser and access to As a new user, you can choose to login with Facebook and get 50 free credits instantly. Otherwise, you can try is out as a Guest. It is advised that you login with Facebook if you have one, otherwise, you can enter your email address to earn your first 50 free credits.

Step 2: For first time visitors, you will be offered the “First Offer” by AppBounty to earn a quick 100 credits. All you need to do is open the app and back to AppBounty to earn your first 100 credits. You will get 150 credits if you enter your email in first step. By default the first offered app will be TapBounty. TapBounty is similar to AppBounty. TapBounty is another app that gives you credit while you watch videos through it. Let’s put TapBounty aside and continue to step 3.

Step 3: Continue to earn your credits by downloading free apps from AppStore. Get ready to redeem your credits. You can choose to redeem your credits for iTune gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Xbox Live points, PS Network points, or paid apps for free. Gift cards vary from $1 to $50.

These apps don’t pay you but they give you paid iOS apps for free: Kuaiyong (Without jailbreak) and AppCake.

As mobile technology is moving in an unimaginable speed, no one can really imagine what is going to happen in mobile world in the next few seconds. In a nutshell, AppBounty is an app gives you the opportunity to earn credits while you testing free apps from the AppStore. There are just three simple steps to get paid. It is real, and it works! All you need to do is to download apps, collect credits, and redeem gift cards. If you still don’t believe that there is an app like AppBounty that can pay you just because you download free apps from them, try it now!