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Games like Cookie Clicker

Looking for games like Cookie Clicker? You have tried all Cookie Clicker upgrades and at the same time you have played all the cheats with this game. You must be bored about it if you have tried every feature available in this game. It is time to look for Cookie Clicker alternatives. The Grandma is still very busy making cookie, the farm has grown very big, and the shipment is making a huge profit. All of that does not matter because you can play something else now. Now get your PC, iPad, Mac, iPhone, or any smartphone ready to check out these games that are similar to Cookie Clicker.

Candy Box

Candy Box

Just like Cookie Clicker, you can play Candy Box with your browser. Player get a candy every second and you can choose to eat all the candies or throw 10 candies on the ground. Once you have got enough candies, you can use them to get lollipops and create farm. Some said this is yet another incremental game. Well, it is absolutely worth a try! Candy Box 2 has just released last year October by Aniwey. This game works well on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others. Try Candy Box before you try on other games.

Choppin’ Wood

You will not feel the fund to chop a piece of wood until you really try it. Now Choppin’ Wood is another idle clicker game that gives you the feel. Beginners have to chop some wood or pump some oil to make money. Each wood worth $1.00. This means every click gives you $1. The money can be used to buy Lumberjacks, Oil Workers, or some other helps later on to speed up your earnings. Isn’t it fun?

Golden Miner

Golden Miner is one among the best games like Cookie Clicker. It is a mining game based on javascript. Gamers don’t have to register to play Golden Miner. In other words, you can be a miner instantly! Your gold is increasing every seconds and you can use it to buy Minions. Mole, Bulldog, Giant Ant, Caterpillar and The dwarf King are just a few to be mentioned. Try it yourself then you will feel the fun.

Pizza Clicker

Pizza Clicker

Pizza Clicker is undeniably one of the best alternatives to Cookie Clicker. Pizza Clicker allows you to create your favorite pizza with a few clicks. Click once to create a pizza then you can add corn, green olive, salami, egg, tuna, broccoli, pumpkin, tomato sauce, or another other ingredient you prefer to your pizza. If you want to play awesome games like Cookie Clicker, Pizza Clicker is the one!

Mine Things

Mine Things is the last one recommended here as one game similar to Cookie Clicker. It is free to play this game but it requires you to register as a member. Mine Things bring you back to earth after human have spent 2000 years on the planet of Mars. Our earth has experience a horrible explosion and you are one of the men who return to it to rebuild your home. In order to live, you have to dig and find resources and any other things that are useful to trade with other players. Mine Things is another browser games that come with unlimited surprise!

In order to play all any of these games, you can search the name of the game in any search engine and access to the official website. If you found something else that is not mentioned and it is fun to play, share it here!