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Free Memory Card Password Remover Software

It’s a pinch in the head when you forget your memory card password and couldn’t access the stored data. The only way you can recover the password is to go through either paid or free memory card password remover software or unlocker. Often, paid memory card password remover software works 100% but 90% people don’t prefer to spend a single dime to get any of these software. So, if you are part of the 90% people and have been looking for a 100% workable memory card password recover software, you can go through the list below. All the listed software below are free and you don’t need to bring out your credit card to download them.

memory card password recover

Recover Memory Card Password with FExplorer

Step 1: Prepare a Symbian OS phone. It is a must to use Symbian phone because FExplorer only work with Symbian OS. Any Nokia phone will do because most of them run on Symbian OS. Borrow one from your friend if you don’t have.

Step 2: Insert the locked memory card into the phone.

Step 3: Access to the internet from the phone and download and install FExplorer. FExplorer is free memory card password remover software and it is available to download almost everywhere online.

Step 4: Launch it once the installation is completed. Access to C drive, C:\system.

Step 5:  Look for mmcstore file and rename it to mmcstore.txt.

Step 6: Copy the mmcstore.txt file and transfer it to your PC, Mac, Android devices or any iOS devices that is able to read .txt file.

Step 7: Open the file and you will recover your password.

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Recover Memory Card Password with X-PLORE

Step 1: X-PLORE is a free software and also an awesome password unlocker for a locked Micro SD card. Just like FExplorer, it requires a Symbian headset too. So, prepare one and insert your memory card into it.

Step 2: Go online and download X-PLORE to your phone. Install it right away once the download is completed. It is free software so make sure you don’t pay anything.

Step 3: Open X-PLORE and press 0 (zero).

Step 4: Select “Show the System Files”

Step 5: Access to C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore and then press 3 (three) to set the Hex-Viewer.

Step 6: Go to the third column and you will see something like TMSD02G (c ??”? x???3?1?6?8?8)

Step 7: Remove all the ? after the x and the remaining character is your password. For the example code above, the password is 31688.

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Some other popular memory card password remover software: CardRecoveryPro, Password Reveal, Password Breaker, RAR Password Unlocker, NokiaFREE Unlock Codes Calculator.

password breaker
Password Breaker – Free Memory Card Password Remover Software

Some password remover software such as the Password Breaker utilize a lot of time for password recovery because the program uses brute force technique. If you don’t prefer to download any of the free memory card password remover software listed above, you can apply some of these tricks to recover or unlock your memory card that is protected by the forgotten password.

Memory Card Password Remover (Free Method 1)

If you have a locked memory card such as the Micro SD, you can recover the password easier than you think if all the data stored within the SD card is not important. First, insert the Micro SD card into any E series mobile phone and then you can format it. The Nokie N95 is a good E series phone to use.

Memory Card Password Remover (Free Method 2)

Step 1: Connect your mobile phone and your PC or Mac using IR/Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or hotspot.

Step 2: On your mobile phone, go to file manager -> Settings -> System folders -> find a file name mmcstore.

Step 3: Transfer the file to your PC or Mac.

Step 4: Open the file and there you go!

Memory Card Password Remover (Free Method 3)

This is the easiest way to recover a memory card – FORMAT it! Enter the password as 0000 if your phone requires you to key in password to format it. The pros of this method is that you will be able to use your memory again within a minute but the cons is that all the data will lost and you can recover anything from the memory card.

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