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Are you looking for an emulator for iPhone so that you can play games with your iPhone while you are boring? The best emulator for iPhone allows an iPhone user to play any kind of commercial games on iPhone 6, 5/5S, 5C, 4/4S, and other iPhone models. Of course, there are many free iPhone emulators available in the market and you can download it for free without jailbreak. On the other hand, there are also many free iPhone emulators for jailbreak users and you can download them from Cydia App Store or other jailbreak app stores. Whether you are on the jailbreak or non-jailbreak side, you can still browse through the list of emulator for iPhone here and pick one that suit your needs.

iphone emulator

The emulators listed here allows an iOS user to play Nintendo DS (NDS) games, N64 Games, Game Boy Advance games, Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive) games, Sega Saturn games, and some other classic games on an iOS device. Many people thought that it is impossible to install emulators on an iPhone without jailbreak to play classic games but they are wrong. With some of these emulator apps you can definitely do it now. All of these emulators work on an iPhone but only some of them work on the new iPad as well as iPod Touch.

GBA4iOS Emulator

GBA4iOS is currently the most popular app for iPhone users who want an emulator on their iPhone because they are able to run on iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, and iOS 5. You can download GBA4iOS app for free from Cydia App Store through git repository. Previously, GBA4iOS works on non-jailbreak iOS devices but it is now stop working due to Apple revoked the enterprise certificate. However, GBA4iOS is still an awesome app to play classic games on an iPhone.

It is a must to set your iPhone date back at least one day before you download GBA4iOS. You can set the date back to normal once you downloaded this app. This is known as “Date Trick” in iOS 8.1 but it works all the time.

SNES Emulator 

There is also another trick to install SNES emulator on an iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. To start using SNES on your iPhone or iPad, open a Safari browser and access to Tap on the Apps button on top. It is located in between Home and Help. In this page you will see a list of apps such as BarMagnet, Gearboy (A GB and GBC emulator), Gearsystem (A Sega Master System emu), iDOS, iFBA (Multi Arcade emulator), iTransmission, iSSB (A Super Smash Bros game), MAME4iOS (Multi Arcade Emulator), MCPE Maps (Maps for Minecraft), MeSNEmu (A SNES emulator), nds4ios (A NDS emulator), PPSSPP (PSP emulator), Provenance (Multi Sega and SNES emu), SNES4iOS, and other emulator for iPhone and iPad. Tap on the SNES4iOS and you will see a pop up message informing you the details of SNES4iOS. Tap on the Install button to continue. Now go to Setting -> General -> Date and Time and set your iOS device date to two or three months back. You can set the date and time back to normal once the installation is done.

SNES emulator

If you want to play the best Sega Genesis games on a Mac, see also Sega Genesis Emulator for Mac.

NES Emulator

With NES Emulator, you can now play Ninteno games such as the Super Mario, Fighter F-8000, BoxBoy, and other cool games on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. In start using NES emulator on your iPhone, you will first need to access through your Safari web browser. You will then see a list of NES games. Search for the game you want and you can play it right away by tapping it. Just like how you play NES games in the past, you can set your controller when the game starts.

NES emulator for iPhone

Lastly, you can also check out Emu4iOS because it is a great emulator app for iPhone and iPad too. Please do not hesitate to leave a message here if you face any problem while downloading or installing an emulator for iPhone or iPad.