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Sega Dreamcast Emulator

Here you can download the best rated Sega Dreamcast emulator for free. With these emulators, you can play any Sega Dreamcast games on a PC, Mac, Android, Windows, Sony PSP, or iOS devices include the latest iPhone 6, iPad, and iPod Touch. Most of the emulators here are highly rated and their accuracy has been recognized by SEGA aficionado.

The Sega Dreamcast was released in 1999 and 10.6 million units have been sold worldwide. People who born in the 70s and 80s must have played a lot of games with the Dreamcast console. Remember the Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, F355 Challenge, Project Justice, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, or the Crazy Taxi? They are all the popular Sega Dreamcast games and they are also the most expensive game ever produced upon release. Most of the Sega users who purchased the Sega Dreamcast console are not able to buy all the games during the 90s. Therefore, you may download any of these Sega Dreamcast emulators and play it on computer if you have missed some of the greatest games in the 90s.


Chankast is rated the best Sega Dreamcast emulator due to its features and performance. This emulator is able to run commercial games and the graphic is superb. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Other than that, it does not work on older Windows version such as the Windows 95, 98, 2000, or ME. Who else still using these old Windows? Chankast was also the first emulator for Dreamcast and it is definitely worth for trying.

Download Chankast Emulator for FREE

Chankast Sega Dreamcast emulator
Screenshot of Chankast Sega Dreamcast Emulator


Often, the second choice after Chankast is nullDC. nullDC is a freeware and it is able to run any commercial games from Sega Dreamcast as well as NAOMI. nullDC is only able to run on Windows platform and Linux. It is unable to run on Mac, iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices. There are 810 users vote for nullDC among 1000 users.

Download nullDC Emulator (Windows Version) for FREE

nullDC Dreamcast emulator
Screenshot of nullDC Sega Dreamcast Emulator


DEmul is a free Sega Dreamcast emulator and it works on most of the Windows version except those earlier than Windows 2003. There are Sega users who prefer DEmul emulator more than Chankast. Just like other Dreamcast emulators, DEmul is also able to run commercial games and you can refer to its official website for a full compatibility game list.


DreamEMU is another great alternative for those who are looking to play homebrew games as well as CPU demos on their PC. Well, you can still try it because it is free to download. You can uninstall it anytime if you are unhappy with it.


You may try Icarus if none of the above mentioned emulator works for you. Icarus is not a household name although it was the first Sega Dreamcast emulator to play commercial games. The developers of Icarus are still working on it to make it a better one. It requires at least 1GB RAM to run this software. Try or not? The decision is in your hand.