Download Samsung Kies and Use on Mac

Samsung Kies is the most excellent free program to manage your data on your Android devices by using a Mac or a PC. If you have Samsung Kies installed to your Mac or PC, you do not have to worry anymore that your contacts, photos, videos or music will be lose. It is the best tool to back up all essential files and images from your mobile device. However, it is meant for Samsung users ONLY.

Samsung Kies supports various Samsung mobile devices such as the Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note 3 and many other to be mentioned (See also: How to Screenshots on the Galaxy S4 and S5). Samsung users can connect their mobile device to either a Mac or PC. For PC, Samsung Kies works well on Windows 7, 8, XP, as well as Windows Vista.

You probably want to know what are the Kies features. Kies makes your life independence and convenient because you can sync your content wirelessly without the cables (Kies via Wi-Fi). Let’s see if there are some important features you should know and understand about Kies before downloading.

Samsung Kies Features

Kies enables easy and convenient data synchronization. Contacts and schedules stored on your device can be saved and synchronized with Outlook, Google or Yahoo easily.

Kies checks the firmware of a connected device automatically and notifies you of the latest firmware information. Always keep your device’s firmware up to date with Kies.

Kies creates your own playlist of music, photos, videos, podcasts and story album and synchronize it with your device to enjoy multimedia anytime, anywhere you want.

You can switch to Lite Mode. Lite Mode is a quick launch mode. You can trouble-free data syncing, backup and restore options transfer between your devices.

How to Download Samsung Kies 3 on Mac

This is the easy way to manage your Samsung Android device on a Mac. If you are a Mac user, you will first need to know how to use Kies 3 on your Mac computer. Please check your system requirement before you begin to download Samsung Kies 3 on your Mac. This software works with MacOS X version 10.5 or later, CPU 1.8GHz Intel or faster processor, minimum memory (RAM) 512MB or higher and the recommended hard drive space is at least 100MB free or more. You can follow the steps here once everything is ready.

Step 1: Open a web browser and go to Samsung official website

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the download Kies 3 for Mac and you can install Samsung Kies. This may take a several minutes.

Step 3: After installation complete you can run Samsung Kies on Mac by choosing either Lite Mode or Normal Mode.

Samsung Kies, Mac, Kies
Samsung Kies Screenshot

Windows user can also download Kies for Windows with the same method. There are two versions Kies 3 and Kie 2.6 for Windows supported. Please check your Samsung mobile phone model before installing Kies for Windows.

Do you think Samsung Kies is a convenient for you? Please do not hesitate to leave us a comment if you have any problems and need more help using Kies.


How to Screenshots on the Galaxy S4 and S5

There are a few great ways to perform screenshots on an Android phone. You are reading the right page if you are wondering How to Screenshots on the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5. Here we will share two wonderful methods that work very well on any Android device. The first method is universal and you can take screenshots on any Android phones as well as tablets but the second method is particularly made for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 only. Therefore, if you own the Galaxy S4 or S5 mobile phone you should try to follow our step by step guide and learn the skills, supposing that you are wondering how to do a screen capture.

For those who would like to practice how to take screenshots on the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5. Drop your worry and take it easy sweet as you are playing games like Candy Crush Saga. You no longer need to spend a single dollar for any screenshot apps. Once you get it in this tutorial, you will identify how simple to capture screenshots on the Galaxy S4 and S5 for free.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screenshot Method 1

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screenshot

Power + Home capture:

Press and hold the Power button and Home button, hold the two buttons at the same time. Wait for a second until you hear the camera shutter sound you will absolutely get the screenshots you fancy.

You probably want to find the screenshots on your Android device. The screenshots will be stored under My Files/Device storage/Pictures /Screenshots. Moreover, you can get your screenshot in the drop down notification bar.

This is very simple method and you can take screenshots on the Galaxy S4 anywhere, anytime you want and share it with your friends on Facebook or other social network.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Screenshot Method 2

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screenshot

Palm swipe capture:

First, you must check the setting “Palm motion” is enabled. You can go into the Setting menu/My device/Motions and gestures/Palm motion.

palm motion on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5Ready? Go! Start captures the screen by swiping your palm over the screen from right to left otherwise from side to side. You will quick and easy to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and find this trick that works well with your Android device. Please refer to the animation file above. Follow it closely until you get used with the Palm motion available on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5.

The method 2 above works the same for Samsung Galaxy S5. Thus, it is not necessary to learn other method if you want to know how to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S5. This is because the same methods will work on the Galaxy S4. You can try these two methods to capture the screenshots on the Galaxy S5 even it comes with a bigger and better screen. It’s not that complicated even you’re a new Android users. We hope you will enjoy and find this article helpful.

Please leave a comment or question here if you face any problem with the screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5. Both of these methods have been tested at least 100 times and it works flawlessly. Also, please do not hesitate to share us any new method to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 if you find one. Lastly, you are welcome to share this article to your social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or any other websites if you find it useful and interesting.